"...It was just another blip on the radars.

The meteor had been reduced into a pebble, which fell down into a garbage island outside New York City. The meteor was infested with alien life, a gooey life that oozed out of the pebble and quickly began to multiply and grow.

It melded with the discarded trash of mankind, growing into an army of mutated appliances, cars, and hot dog carts."

To clean up the streets, the best of the best were called to help: YOU &

The Disposables, a group of mercenaries with a knack for getting things done, no questions asked!


Use a single finger! Drag to move, release to shoot!

Select the best skills for your hero when you level up! 

Learn how the enemies behave to outsmart them and collect the awesome loot!

Don't miss out on the launch! 


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